shaft axle

shaft axle
1) Медицина: ось стержня
2) Автомобильный термин: ось, полуось

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  • shaft — A long smooth surfaced bar of metal with a circular (round) cross section. See armature shaft arm shaft auxilliar drive shaft axle shaft balance shaft bevel drive shaft cardan shaft clutch shaft composite propeller shaft …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Shaft — can refer to: Edwin Shaft WhiteLong narrow passages: * Edwin White * Elevator shaft * Ventilation shaft * Pitch (vertical space), a significant underground vertical space in caving terminology * Shaft mining * Shafting, illicit travelling through …   Wikipedia

  • Axle — Ax le ([a^]ks l), n. [OE. axel, exel, shoulder, AS. eaxl; akin to AS. eax axle, Sw. & Dan. axel shoulder, axle, G. achse axle, achsel shoulder, L. axis axle, Gr. a xwn, Skr. aksha, L. axilla shoulder joint: cf. F. essieu, axle, OF. aissel, fr.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • axle — [n] shaft around which wheels rotate arbor, axis, gudgeon, mandrel, pin, pivot, pole, rod, shaft, spindle, stalk, stem, support; concepts 464,830 …   New thesaurus

  • Axle — For other uses, see Axle (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Axl (disambiguation) or Axel (disambiguation). Train wheels are affixed to a straight axle, such that both wheels rotate in unison. This is called a wheelset. An axle is a… …   Wikipedia

  • axle — An axle is a shaft on which the wheels revolve. A full floating axle is used to drive the rear wheels. It does not hold them on nor support them. A semi floating or one quarter floating axle is used to drive the wheels, hold them on, and support… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • axle shaft — [1] The short shaft which connects the differential and the drive shaft on each side of an independent suspension configuration. [2] The drive shaft or halfshaft of a rigid axle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • shaft-to-shaft coupling — A viscous coupling design in which the outer disc carrier is connected to the left hand axle shaft and the inner disc carrier to the right hand axle shaft …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • axle — axled, adj. /ak seuhl/, n. 1. Mach. the pin, bar, shaft, or the like, on which or by means of which a wheel or pair of wheels rotates. 2. the spindle at either end of an axletree. 3. an axletree. [bef. 900; ME axel, OE eaxl shoulder, crossbeam… …   Universalium

  • axle tube — The part of the axle housing which covers the half shaft or a tubular rigid axle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • axle-tree — axˈle tree noun 1. A crossbar or shaft fixed across the underside of a cart or similar vehicle, on each rounded end of which a wheel rotates 2. An axle (obsolete) • • • Main Entry: ↑axle …   Useful english dictionary

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